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Flexsys Crystex

Insoluble sulfur is the main vulcanizing agent used by the tire industry, and Crystex is the highest-quality and best performing vulcanizing agent on the market. Crystex prevents sulfur migration and, in turn, bloom which interferes with the tire building process. As a result, rubber manufacturers improve productivity while reducing defects and scrap. With Crystex, manufacturers can increase calendar speeds, reduce mix cycle time, and lower operating costs.

With Crystex vulcanizing agents you get:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Proven quality
  • Process flexibility
  • Maximum yield
  • Unmatched technical support

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At Flexsys, we’re always working to help you rise to new and existing challenges. That’s why we created Crystex™ Cure Pro, the next generation of insoluble sulfur. Cure Pro is engineered with superior dispersion and enhanced flow, allowing for easier movement through hoppers, easier handling and better uniformity with less mixing time. It also has high thermal stability for better bloom avoidance. As a result, Cure Pro helps tire manufacturers upgrade their compounding process, achieving better productivity while lowering costs.

Cure Pro is just one of the many innovations constantly being created, tested and developed by Flexsys.

One of Flexsys’ key strengths is the development of custom solutions. Flexsys has a proud history of developing new technologies to answer customer needs and move the industry forward. The Flexsys technology group works closely with customers to continuously develop new and improved solutions to provide them with a competitive advantage.

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