Relentlessly Driven to Enhance Product Performance

We’re driven to improve our customers’ products. We make those products last longer and perform to a higher standard. Our solutions also help to improve productivity and reduce costs. Each of our eight worldwide manufacturing facilities are driven by a unified desire to provide better tire additives, better solutions, more efficiencies, and better customer service.

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We are worldwide leaders in the production of tire additives including vulcanizing agents, antidegradants and post-vulcanization stabilizers. Our brands are proven, established and universally acknowledged for superior performance.


Learn more about our vulcanizing agents and how they improve the elasticity and strength of rubber.


Explore our antidegradants and see how they improve the longevity and integrity of rubber.

Duralink HTS

Get details about our post-vulcanization stabilizers and how they enhance the durability of rubber.

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Relentlessly Driven to Innovate

Never satisfied. Never standing still. We are continually looking for ways to make our clients more successful.