Relentlessly Driven to Innovate

We’re driven to provide superior solutions to our customers and move the industry forward. Innovation is an integral part of our focus to help our customers succeed. At the Flexsys Technology Center of Excellence—a connected community of cross-discipline chemists, engineers and applications development scientists—we are continuously and proactively looking at our customers’ challenges and developing new ways to solve them. We aim to improve product performance, address new regulations and sustainability requirements, and lower costs.

We collaborate with our customers at the global, corporate and local levels to answer the challenges facing the industry today and in the future.


Our relentless focus on customer success drives our commitment to innovation

  • 2 technology centers with world-class innovation and application development capabilities
  • Industry-leading technology platforms
  • Collaborative mindset; always eager to partner with our customers
  • Committed to keeping up with global regulations, and staying on the cusp of evolving global trends
  • Unsurpassed operational reliability
  • Dedicated to sustainability, a reduction in energy use, and environmental responsibility

Relentlessly Driven to Excel with Cure Pro

Crystex™ Cure Pro is the next generation of insoluble sulfur, helping tire manufacturers upgrade their compounding process, achieving better productivity while lowering costs and energy use. Engineered with superior dispersion and enhanced flow, Crystex Cure Pro allows for easier movement through hoppers, easier handling and better uniformity with less mixing time. It has best-in-class thermal stability, providing you with unmatched security against bloom events.

Relentlessly Driven Throughout the World

We are everywhere our clients need us to be, with facilities around the globe.