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Flexsys Santoflex

Para-phenylenediamines (PPDs), also known as antidegradants, are necessary to prevent premature aging and degradation of rubber from ozone, oxygen, fatigue and heat. These are critical since degrading rubber results in reduced flexibility, a shorter service life for finished parts, and impacts tire safety. For the best antidegradants, tire manufacturers around the world rely on Santoflex. Our multi-patented manufacturing process gives our products an exclusive and substantial advantage.

With Santoflex antidegradants you get:

  • Ozone resistance
  • Extended flexibility
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Unmatched technical support

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With demand for increased load bearing, as well as for improved wet grip and longer service life, the need for better tires and rubber products has never been more important. That’s why the Flexsys R&D team is constantly looking for ways to make your products more durable, more flexible, and perform better. Santoflex is no exception, as we hold a series of patents for its innovative manufacturing process, a process that has been shown to give Santoflex a significant quality advantage.

Santoflex is just one of the many innovations constantly being tested, developed and perfected by Flexsys.

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